Floating Teacup Supplies

Floating Tea Cups Craft Party (DIY)

I’m hosting my first craft party of (hopefully) many more to come.  I’ll be teaching how to make floating tea cups (which I think are pretty freaking cool!)

I decided to do a few test runs to make sure the craft actually works and that I have all the materials I need.

Floating Tea Cups Rose & Coffee

If you’re planning on throwing your own floating teacup party, here are the materials you need:Floating Teacup Supplies

  • Tea Cups (there is always a huge selection on Amazon)
  • A variety of floral bouquets, moss, rocks, etc. (Michaels & Jo-Ann Fabrics usually have a large array)
  • Steel strap tie for floating illusion (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • Tin snip cutter to cut the steel strap in half  (from Home Depot as well)
  • Two pliers for bending the strap tie
  • Colored floral tape to help conceal the steel strap
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Toothpick and/or thin wooden dowel to help push/place floral pieces

Optional Items:

  • Coffee beans, buttons, etc.  (other items that can be used to pour from cup)
  • Washers (If you decide you don’t want to compromise on the angle of your cup, you may need some zinc washers to balance the cup properly.

Craft Party Table

Test Run

You’ll want to make two bends on your strap tie. The long flat end will be glued to your saucer and the short end will be glued to your cup. Apply glue generously and wrap your floral tape around the strap tie. Constructing Floral Floating Cup

You’re now ready to start gluing your floral pieces or whichever items you decide to go with.

Constructing Coffee Floating Cup

Here is a closer look at the test runs:

Rose Floating Cup

Coffee Floating Cup

Update: The craft party was a success! Have a look at all the lovely pieces the ladies made.

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