Magical Shelia House Door Entrance (DIY)

I had mentioned to a friend of ours that I was building a fairy house for my daughter (which I will share in a later post) and he introduced me to the concept of “Sheila Houses”.

Shelia Houses are tiny wooden houses created and painted by the lovely Shelia Thompson in South Carolina. They became very popular with the local community and were displayed on mantels, shelves, window sills etc.   If you try to google Shelia, you won’t have much luck because they became popular under an incorrect pronunciation. People referred to them as “Sheila” (she-la) houses instead of Shelia.

Through my searches, I found Sheila houses for sale on both eBay & Etsy.  Since I live in San Francisco, I purchased Sheila Houses of famous San Francisco neighborhoods (Painted Ladies, Victorian Row).

I bought some glue dots and placed them on the bottom and back of the Shelia house (making sure not to touch any of the text or decorative print).

I secured the houses to the top of my daughter’s door frame and Voila!

Let me just say, the door entry turned out so unique and so magical. My daughter absolutely loves it.

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