Fairy Bottle Designs

Fairy Bottles Craft Party (DIY)

Hello Again!

Reporting back to you from craft party #2: Glowing Fairy Bottles

Fairy City Bottle

This was a really fun craft to make but make sure you set aside a good 3-5 hours for this activity. If you’re planning to host this event, I would recommend de-labeling and pre-drilling all the holes in your bottles at least a day before your craft party.

Here is what you will need:

  • Empty wine or liquor bottles
  • Polymer Clay (Any craft store will carry this)
  • Sculpting utensils (picks/knives/rollers and anything that may give you interesting textures)
  • Fairy lights (Amazon sells these in bulk and for cheap)
  • Parchment paper (To allow for easy pealing of clay design)
  • Glass drill bits (I got mine at Home Depot)

Optional Items:

  • Glass beads (you an get these at the dollar tree)
  • Clay molds

Here is a look at the craft party table set-up

Fairy Bottle Craft Table

Here are the preparations you should do well before the day of your craft party:

1. Wash out all your wine bottles and submerge them in water for 30 minutes. This will loosen the labels and make it easier for you to scrape off. Scrape Bottle Labels

2. For drilling the holes, I followed this excellent youtube tutorial hereDrilling Bottle Holes

3. Make sure to remove any sticky residue left by the labels/tape using acetone. I would also recommend washing off the acetone before you press on your clay. Acetone Bottle Labels

Once your preparations are done, you are ready to begin crafting with your friends. Decide on a design and let your imagination go wild. I would recommend not going too thick or too thin with your clay (around 2-3cm). If your clay is too thin, it is susceptible to burning in the oven. If it is too thick, you may need to bake it for a long time while watching it to make sure other parts of your project do not burn.

Fairy Bottle Designs

Once you finish your design, use the instructions on your polymer clay package to set the oven at the correct temperature. For our polymer clay, we set the oven to 275 F and baked for 15 – 20 min.

Once your bottles have cooled down, insert your fairy lights through the drilled hole for the final look.

Fairy Bottle Craft Night

For a more polished look, you can fill the bottle up with glass beads. Mine used up 2 packages of beads from the Dollar store.


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