1/2 rose cake

1/2 Birthday Cake!

My daughter just turned 6 months and I thought we’d celebrate with a half cake 🙂 

I decided to go with a lemon cake and pistachio custard filling. The combination of flavors turned out even more delicious than I expected.  Here is a look at the decorating process:

After filling the cake, I whipped up some heavy cream and covered the entire cake.

I then took a sheet of Saran Wrap and brushed 2 different hues of pink food coloring onto it. I scooped out about a cup of whipping cream and placed it on top, folded the Saran Wrap over it and created  a “whip sausage”.  Then, “snipped the tip” and placed the whole thing inside a pastry bag.

I took a piece of wax paper and piped out a rose which I then stuck in the freezer to set.

Once the rose was hardened, I pulled it off the wax paper and placed it on top of the cake. I piped on a few dots to finish off the cake and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.



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