The Babee Shower (a bee themed coed baby shower)

This was probably one of my favorite parties to plan; it was in preparation for my very first munchkin so I went a bit Pinterest crazy for inspiration. I picked a bee theme because when I was little, I was a tad obsessed with the “Maya The Bee” cartoon. Here is a look at how it all went down.

I bought honeycomb paper and glitter letters from Michaels to make various Babee Shower garlands.  I also made a handful of onesie garlands using bee themed baby clothing I found on Amazon.

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I drew a beehive on canvas and bought some Memento fade-resistant ink pads for the finger prints.

Games Games Games
Hubby and I wanted a coed baby shower so I decided to make it a game heavy party. Go big or go home #amiright?  I incorporated a lot of the conventional baby shower games into optional game stations and I came across some ridiculous coed game ideas that made the party a huge hit. Hope you like them 🙂

-Spermhole (not your average cornhole)
Sewed up some shiny sperm with googly eyes and filled them with rice.  Hehe

-Diaper Doodie Guess what baby just ate? Pick 3 interesting candy bars and throw each diaper with its corresponding chocolate bar into the microwave for about 15 seconds. Voila! Poop! Guests can look and sniff but not touch or taste (yes some people tried).

-What did baby eat? Guests guess what baby food flavor they just tasted.
Grab 3 baby food containers and cover their labels. Make sure to provide plenty of spoons to prevent double dipping.
Baby Food Flavor Test

-Play Dough Baby
Each guest is given a small Playdough container. On a one minute count down, everyone sculpts a baby to the best of their ability. Best looking (or weirdest) wins!


-Babies Against Parenthood (a PG baby take of Cards Against Humanity)
This was a really awesome Pinterest find. This game was created by Amanda Hearn and is provided for free digitally.

-My Water Broke
These ice cubes were served with the welcome drinks. Amazon carries the entire game set-up. In theory, this game sounded totally awesome and I would still do it again. One thing to note is that the dolls do not float up, they actually drown. Because of this, some people didn’t notice their baby had broken through the ice.
My Water Broke Game

-Clothing Line Relay
Guests must hold a phone, baby and pin up clothes at the same time without letting anything fall. First to hang everything up without dropping wins.

We decided to go with a Mediterranean cuisine.  Huge kudos to my mom for making all the food. She is ridiculously talented and I hope my cooking skills will someday amount to even half of hers.

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Dessert Spread
I created a fun candy bar table with black and yellow themed nibblies.  I also prepared some jello duck ponds which are always fun to make. My sis-in-law made that epic watermelon stroller. Pretty badass right? My mother made a beehive out of choux à la crème (aka profiteroles) and her famous rose mango cake. It’s making me salivate just looking back at the pictures.

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Present for Dad

I wanted to get hubby a thoughtful gift so I armed him with a newbie dad tool bag which included:
-Changing Station
-Burp Cloth
-Rash Cream
-Hand Sanitizer
-Back-up Onesie
-Distraction Toy
-Face Wipes
-Baby Wipes
-Baby Sunscreen
-Dada Book

Party Favors
I thought honey would be a sweet party favor so I purchased some hexagon jars and honey dippers off Amazon. After sanitizing and filling the jars, I topped it with a piece of burlap and a custom label. I used the gold foil address labels and it worked out quite nicely.
Honey party favor

Greeting Card Book
We received so many sweet greeting cards and I wanted to store them in a way that would make us want to revisit them. The card book is super easy to assemble. All you need is a hole puncher and some twine or metal rings.
Greeting Card Book

Hope you enjoyed the read. Thanks for dropping by.

2 thoughts on “The Babee Shower (a bee themed coed baby shower)

  1. amystice says:

    1) I didn’t know you were blogging!
    2) I’ve never heard of Maya the Bee….I just thought the shower idea came from, you know, bee-bees. Imma check her out. 🙂
    3) Keep it up! The world should see your craftiness.

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