Little Ducky Baby Shower

I hosted a fun duck themed baby shower for one of my good friends. As usual, my party planning always begins with creating a Pinterest board for inspiration.

I ended up executing most of the pinned projects and here’s a look at how it all went down.  I first picked a color pallet (which I found a bit tricky for this party particularly because this was duck themed for a baby girl). By default, since ducks swim in water, we automatically have yellow and blue. The blue made it a bit challenging since it’s often depicted as a color reserved for boys. To counter that, I added pink as an accent color.

I liked the idea of using puddles as centerpieces so I picked up some various colored blue felt squares from Michaels and sewed them together, leaving a bit of fabric at the seam to create waves. I then cut each runner and shaped it into a unique pond. Overall, this was a quick and easy project. If you’re watching your wallet at Michaels, you can usually find the glass pebbles, ducks and sometimes the felt at a dollar store.

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To add some flare to the centerpiece, I grabbed a few pairs of duck boots off amazon and filled them with pink flowers.

I always like to have a “greetings table” to welcome the guests and grab them for guestbook signing before they head off to mingle. I chose two activities for this table: “Guess Baby’s Due Date” calendar and “Advice for Mom” board.

Guess Baby’s Due Date

Due Date Calendar

This was really easy to assemble. I actually found the weekday paper stationary at the Dollar Tree. I made sure to span it across 4 weeks of possible dates (which I indicated with number stickers).  I removed the glass from a simple white frame and left it open so guests could sticker and sign their guessed due date.

Once complete, I placed the glass back in so Mom could hang up the finished piece at home.

Advice for Mom

Wishes For Mom

I grabbed a frame from Michaels and stapled some string across the back to create hanging lines for pinning up the advice.

Flower Pens

Duck Baby Shower Puddle

These are super easy to make. I actually bought all the materials for this at the Dollar Tree : a pack of blue pens, flower tape, & plastic/fabric flowers.

I simply followed the instructions on this pin

Duck Diaper Cake

Duck Diaper CakeI used an entire pack of newborn diapers to create the tiers. Each diaper was individually rolled and then tied tightly with ribbon to keep its shape. I topped it off with a duck cloth scrubber. (In hindsight, wish I found a nicer topper that didn’t look so constipated.

Indoor Shower

I’m all about created a fun ambiance and since it’s a baby shower, I thought the raindrop balloon pin was quite genius. Here was my take on it.

Balloon Rain Party

The Nom Noms

Across from the “Greetings Table” I had some yummy nosh bites and virgin Preggatinies.

preggatini appetizers

I forgot to take a picture of the Lunch Buffet but here are some pictures of the Dessert Buffet.

Duck Jello Duck Desserts

Jello Duck Ponds

These turned out delicious. I cut up some pineapple and mango into each bowl and then filled it with blueberry jello.

Duck Cake

I took inspiration from various duck cake pins. I created the duck out of rice crispies and covered it in rolled fondant. For the cake, I baked a home-made lemon cake and filled it with vanilla custard. It too is topped in rolled fondant.

duck fondant

duck cake

duck cake

The Favor Table

The favor table before I added the duck boot vase and duck pond decorations. On the left is a mini candy bar and on the right, each guest gets to take home a duck soap.

Favor table with mini candy bar

Thanks for having a gander.

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